Luminous 27 is a contemporary jewellery studio born in Venezuela and now based in Madrid. From our Latin American background to the European touch that distinguishes us, our pieces tell a story of mixtures and blends. Through our designs, we bend classic shapes to convey the exuberance of Venezuela's "mestizaje"–a term that stands for Latin America's racial, social and cultural amalgams. Our items are timeless yet utterly contemporary; they're refreshing yet elegant; they can be stacked, yet they are created as distinct jewels- allowing you to wear and combine them in anyway you want. Since our first steps in 2018, we are proud to offer fine jewellery made from sustainable 18k Gold, ethically sourced diamonds and hand picked semi-precious stones. Our pieces are designed between Madrid and East London by a Venezuelan mother-daughter duo. All our production takes place in a local atelier in the heart of Madrid, where our products are handmade with the highest attention to detail by a Venezuelan artisan.

Luminous 27 is a mother-daughter duo from Venezuela. Head Designer Maria Margarita Toro was born and raised in Los Palos Grandes, Caracas. She graduated from Architecture at Universidad Central de Venezuela and was trained at her uncle Elias Toro’s studio during the years of Venezuela’s economic splendour. For over 20 years, she worked in the Latin American fashion and design industry. In 2006, she relocated to Madrid with her daughter Isabella where she developed her career in fine jewellery. Creative Director Isabella Benshimol is a Caracas-born London-based artist and art director. After studying in Milan for three years, she moved to London in 2018 and graduated with a Master's in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University. Growing up surrounded by her family's Latin American modernist art collection, she developed a deep relationship with her Venezuelan heritage. She brings a sensual and effortless contemporary view to Luminous 27’s direction. In 2018 Maria Margarita and Isabella founded Luminous Studio Jewelry, now Luminous 27.

Our products are produced by a couple from Maracaibo, Venezuela, who run an artisan jewellery studio in Madrid. Since 2008 we have built a long and trusting relationship with their atelier, which has become a key studio in the iconic jewellery quarters. Luminous 27 bridges old and new ways of working. We commit to exclusive, responsible and sustainable production by using traditional methods, hand-crafted techniques, and the latest technology. Producing locally and on demand allows us to support our Venezuelan community in Madrid while reducing resource and transportation waste.